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We fight while you focus on healing.

Suffering physical injury combined with the added stress of understanding your legal rights can be truly frustrating. When you retain our team of personal injury attorneys in Tallahassee you shift a significant part of that burden to us. Our objective is to immediately begin our own investigation into the facts of the case in order to adequately determine fault and proper compensation. We take on the insurance companies and all related negotiations so that you can focus solely on healing.

Combined our attorneys bring a wealth of experience and proven history of successfully representing victims of personal injury in Tallahassee and across Florida in many different types of accidents. We have established a solid reputation for aggressive representation on behalf of our clients with a notable track record of success.

Our Approach

While we are skilled in negotiating techniques, we are also unafraid to go to court and fight to obtain everything our clients deserve for their injuries. We have worked across the aisle from many of the nation’s top insurance companies. Throughout the years we have studied how insurance companies aim to frustrate and deter victims from obtaining maximum compensation. As a result, our team of personal injury attorneys in Tallahassee are equipped to handle and overcome this formulaic approach that so often discourages victims from obtaining the justice they deserve.

We also have experience handling wrongful death cases. These types of cases are amongst the most sensitive of legal matters. To lose a loved one due to the unthinkable actions and/or inactions of another can mean immediate shock, denial, and emotional distress for the surviving family member. None of these emotions are particularly beneficial when sorting out all the related legal issues. Under these circumstances, involving a highly skilled advocate can make all the difference.

Equally important, our firm’s client-centered culture means that we are available to our clients beyond traditional office hours. Our team of paralegals is trained to monitor cases throughout every step of the negotiation process in order that they may be proactive in keeping our clients informed. There is never a moment where our clients may wonder about the status of their claims. We believe that worrying about the status of a case does not promote physical and emotional recovery. Hence, our clients find it beneficial to partner with attorneys who completely take on the legal burden.

Our Experience

Personal Injury Law is meant to provide protection to those affected by the recklessness, negligence, and/or malpractice of someone else.

To that end, we are experienced in handling:

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