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Our Team

Brandi Thomas, ESQ.

“From inception Attorney Thomas made me feel heard. She was always prepared, attentive, and focused on my goal. Attorney Thomas never wavered from our objectives while managing my expectations in a realistic and kind manner.”

Q&A With Attorney Thomas

What can a prospective client expect from Akbar Thomas?

Prospective clients can expect honesty and inclusion at every step of our representation. When a client retains us, the process begins with a thorough analysis of their situation and ultimate goals. We pride ourselves in our commitment to engage our clients fully by ensuring that they are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their case. We become partners. Secondly, we have a comprehensive team of attorneys and non-legal professionals that help us shape our legal strategies. We are then able to provide our clients with a robust approach. Thirdly, while our attorneys are skilled negotiators who are regularly able to settle cases within mediation – we are also experienced, trial attorneys. Our aim is to resolve cases expeditiously on behalf of our clients; however, we will not shy away from trial when required. Also, our staff members are trained professionals that serve a vital ‘behind the scene’ role. They are well versed in the cases, which are assigned to them. As such, clients always have a secondary point of contact for up-to-date information.

How does your community involvement further your practice?
That is another great aspect of the Akbar Law Firm. Attorneys and staff members alike maintain a personal commitment to the community in Tallahassee as well as the North Florida region. I am personally involved in leadership positions within several legal and community service organizations in Tallahassee. My involvement in these organizations helps me create and maintain meaningful relationships with professionals whose background and professional experience may further serve our clients. It also brings us into contact with people that may not be able to afford legal representation. However, our commitment to pro-bono services is able to provide some direction and most importantly a glimpse of hope.
“One of my greatest experiences was successfully helping a same-sex couple with the adoption of their child.”