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Key Considerations When Hiring a Legal Team in Florida

If you need the services of a lawyer, you probably already feel some apprehension If you need the services of a lawyer, you probably already feel some apprehension about the legal issues you need to resolve. Whether criminal defense, family law, personal injury, or other legal matters, most people find the law confusing and worry about how they will resolve their legal situation successfully. Hiring the services of a highly competent lawyer can help ease the apprehension and increases the likelihood of securing a favorable legal outcome. But how does one go about finding a great legal team? What factors should the average person consider before hiring a lawyer?

With more than 40 years of combined experience and a stellar record of securing positive results for their clients, the legal team at Tallahassee’s Akbar Thomas Law knows what attributes lawyers need for success. They also have a keen understanding of what their clients experience when going through the process required to resolve different legal issues. As such, Akbar Thomas Law has some tips on the top considerations to keep in mind when you’re seeking a skilled legal team in Florida.

How Much is This Going to Cost?

As lawyers, we know that the cost of our services is a top concern of most prospective clients. Legal representation tends to be expensive, and clients may have difficulty understanding what they are paying for. In general, lawyers base their fees on several factors, including experience, success rate, the complexity of the legal issue, the time needed to resolve it, and company overhead. Naturally, a fresh-out-of-law school lawyer will charge lower fees than an attorney with 20 years of experience, and due to overhead, lawyers at larger firms tend to charge more than those in small firms.

When considering whether to hire a specific lawyer, make sure you have a detailed discussion about how much their services might cost. Unless the type of legal issue can be handled under a fixed-rate or contingency structure, your prospective lawyer may not be able to provide a narrow-range estimate of the cost of their services. The most important thing, though, is that your prospective lawyer should be fully transparent about the estimated fees for their services.

For more information about attorney’s fees, we suggest you read the Florida Bar’s consumer pamphlet on lawyer’s fees.

Accounting for Experience and Previous Success

Unless you are determined to find the cheapest lawyer possible, your hiring decision should be based to some degree on your prospective lawyer’s experience and success in their field of legal expertise. You can usually find out about a lawyer’s years of experience on their website. If not, don’t ever be shy about asking about their success in resolving legal situations similar to yours. The degree to which you can afford the likely higher fees that come with experience and success will depend on your specific situation. At the least, though, you should feel comfortable with your lawyer’s experience and professional accomplishments.

Make Sure You Understand Your Lawyer

Communications are crucial in the field of law. Whether negotiating, arguing before a court, filing submissions, or otherwise addressing your legal issues(s), your chosen lawyer needs to be an excellent communicator. To assess prospective lawyers, take note of how they communicate with you. If an initial meeting with a lawyer leaves you bewildered, you might want to seek other options. A competent lawyer should be able to specifically explain how they will address your legal matter using terms you can understand. While a lawyer may have to reference legal terminology you may not understand, a lawyer with good communications skills can translate unfamiliar terminology and explain what it might mean for you and your situation. In fact, a skilled communicator will make a concerted effort to ensure that you understand all elements of your legal situation before leaving their office.

Does Your Lawyer Care?

When you hire a lawyer, you’re looking for a partner who will dedicate themselves to securing the best possible outcome for your legal situation. Your lawyer needs to have passion for their profession and compassion for those facing legal jeopardy or trying to overcome legal hurdles.

Passion and compassion can be easy to identify. Anyone who loves their job tends to showcase their passion throughout their workday. A passionate lawyer will be glad to meet with you and looks forward to hearing about the specifics of your legal issue. They will be attentive and pleased to answer any legal questions you might have, no matter how mundane. Compassion comes through in how they relate to you. That is, they will express obvious interest in determining what impact your legal issue has on your life and show commitment towards resolving it favorably.

Bottom line, if your prospective lawyer seems bored or otherwise disinterested in the specifics of your situation, you might want to look for legal counsel elsewhere.

Are There Any Time Constraints?

While you probably don’t want to hire a lawyer who’s practically begging you for the work, you also do not want a legal team overwhelmed with clients and caseloads. When reviewing prospective lawyers, ensure they’re willing to devote the time needed and complete attention to addressing your legal issue. In fact, you should ask prospects about their current workload and whether they can devote their full attention to resolving your legal issue(s).

Whether personal injury, criminal defense, family law, or other legal matters, the legal team at Tallahassee’s Akbar Thomas Law is passionate about the law and deliver compassionate legal services to their clients. We have a solid reputation for putting our clients first and proactively involving them in every stage of their legal journey. To learn more, consult with us today at 850-383-0000.